SEO has undergone a myriad of changes over the years, but the fact that there are old methods that still work can’t be denied. A lot of people who have been in the SEO game for years can attest to this fact. Building quality backlinks, for one, have always been advocated by many experts in the past, and it’s still actually one of the best proven methods that would make your site rank high in 2016. Besides this solid technique, though, there are also a couple of new ones that any webmaster definitely shouldn’t overlook.

Best SEO Tips for 2016

Get to Know Your Target Audience Better

This is basically what every webmaster should be prioritizing nowadays. It simply isn’t enough to always just rely on the current trends that other website owners are focusing on. Instead, choosing your target niche at present should readily entail that you are willing to get to know the people whom you intend to engage and expect to make up the bulk of your traffic. Of course, this involves taking the time to research. What’s is that Google provides tools (Analytics, for instance) for you to do this effectively. Whatever knowledge or information you derive from your research should serve as the backbone of your content.

Always Make Sure that Your Site’s Speed is Still Top Notch

This fundamental on-page SEO tactic could not be stressed more. After all, Google actually reiterated a number of times already since they confirmed that it is a major ranking factor back in 2010. They even developed the PageSpeed tool to help webmasters gauge their site’s speed. Primary steps that you should take to ensure that its speed is still excellent is by ensuring that you have browser cache enabled, optimizing images, and consider getting a Content Delivery Network for it.

Word Count Actually Matters

There has been debate about whether you should focus on making the content of every web page of your site longer. While there are sites that rank on the first page of Google search even with relatively thin content, know that studies show that there is a direct connection between content that have higher word counts and their relative rankings on the SERPs.

One good way for you to add more content to your existing web pages is to simply update it by adding more words over time; you can include new, engaging information, for instance. This technique is especially effective on pages that are already doing well ranking-wise, and it also hits two birds with one stone as it keeps your content fresh in the eyes of Google.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are solid tools for knowing just how well your site’s audience engagement is. After all, Google has a high regard for sites that are able to keep their visitors for long durations. Various methods that have been proven to work great in boosting a site’s engagement is by paying attention to how you format your content. For one, it’s always best to make your content more readable by using shorter sentences and paragraphs. Make sure that your opening paragraph could effectively capture their attention. Adding images to accompany your written content is certainly bound to make your audience more engaged too.